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Cold Starters

Prosciutto e Melone Melon with prosciutto crudo £5.75

Smoked Salmon Slices of smoked on a bed of lettuce £5.95

Antipasto al Italiana Selection of Italian hors d’oeuvres £7.95

Pate Della Casa Home-made chicken liver pate £4.50

Insalata Caprese Tomato, mozzarella and red onion salad £5.95

Insalata Tricolore Tomato, mozzarella and avocado £5.45

Avocado Prawns Avocado with prawns and Mary Rose sauce £5.75


Hot Starters

½ Pasta Any starter size portion of pasta £4.50

Minestrone Traditional Italian vegetable soup £3.60

Zuppa del Giorno Home-made soup of the day £3.60

Gamberoni al Aglio King prawns in garlic butter and white wine £6.95

Gamberoni Provencale King prawns in tomato, chili and garlic £6.95

Gamberoni Piccante Spicy king prawns served with a minty yogurt sauce £6.95

Calamari Fritti Deep-fried squid, served with garlic mayonnaise £5.25  

Calamari Provencale Deep fried squid in tomato, chili and garlic £5.75

Cozze Provencale Mussels cooked with garlic and tomato £6.95

Cozze Francese Mussels cooked with garlic, cream and white wine £6.95

Funghi all Aglio Pan-fried mushrooms with garlic butter £3.95

Costolette di Maiale BBQ Spare Ribs £5.95

Costolette al Forno Spared ribs in chilli and salt £5.95

Buccia di Patate Deep-fried potato skins, with garlic mayonnaise and spicy tomato sauce £3.60

Ali di Pollo Spicy chicken wings £4.50

Melanzana Parmigiana Aubergine oven baked with tomato and Parmesan cheese £5.95

Grilled Halloumi with sweet chilli dip £5.95


Pane e Supplementi

Pizza con Aglio Pizza style garlic bread £2.95

Pizza Aglio con Pomodoro Pizza style garlic bread with tomato £3.80

Pizza Aglio con Formaggio Pizza style garlic bread with cheese £4.50

Pizza Aglio con Peperoncino Pizza style garlic bread with tomato and chilli £3.50

Bruschetta Toasted bread topped with fresh chopped tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, fresh basil and oregano, finished with parmesan shavings.£3.95



Risotto di Pollo Rice with tender chicken, tomato, white wine and a hint of garlic £7.45

Risotto Marinara Rice cooked with seafood, tomato, garlic and cream £8.50

Risotto Funghi Rice with mushrooms, white wine, cream and tomato £7.45


Pasta al Forno

Lasagne al Forno Layers of pasta with Bolognese and béchamel, topped with cheese. £6.95     

Canelloni al Forno Pancakes stuffed with meat and herbs in a creamy meat sauce. £6.95

Penne al Forno Pasta baked with Bolognese, cheese, ham, peas and cream. £6.95

Veg al Forno Pasta baked with seasonal vegetables, cream tomato and cheese £6.95

Crespoline Florentina Ricotto cheese and spiniach topped with tomato and cheese. £6.95



The following sauces are served with a choice of pasta: Penne, Spaghetti or Taglitelle

Napoli Tomato and Garlic £6.00

Primavera roasted vegetables with tomato and cream £7.25 

Amatricana, Bacon, Onions Tomato and chilli £7.25

Bolognese Minced beef, tomato and red wine £7.25

Romana Chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, cream and garlic £7.45

Carbonara, Beacon, cream, egg yolk and parmesan cheese £7.45

Polpetoni Italian style meatballs in tomato and garlic sauce £7.25

Maltese Prawns, mild curry, spinach and garlic £8.00

Pescatora Mixed seafood, tomato and garlic £9.00

Daniela Beacon, mushroom, chicken, garlic, chili and basil with a touch of olive oil £7.95

Tortellini Prosciutto Spinach and ricotta filled pasta with ham and cheese £7.95

Tortellini Arrabiata Spinach and ricotta filled pasta with tomato, chili and garlic £7.95


Fresh Stone baked Pizza

Margarita Tomato and cheese £5.70

Vegetariana Tomato, cheese and vegetables £7.00

Napoli Tomato, cheese, anchovies and olives £7.00

Francesca Tomato, cheese, salami and olives £7.00

Surf and Turf Tomato, cheese, king prawn, fillet beef steak £13.45

Sanrocco Tomato, cheese, prosciutto crudo and parmesan shavings £8.45

Marinara Tomato, cheese and mixed seafood £9.00

Tonno Tomato, cheese, tuna and garlic £7.00

Hawaiian Tomato, cheese, ham and pineapple £6.80

Quattro Stagioni Tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms, peppers and onions £7.00

Boschetto Tomato cheese and bolognese sauce £7.00

Pepperoni Tomato, cheese and pepperoni sauce  £7.00

Calzone Folded pizza with tomatoes, cheese, ham, onion and mushrooms (Bolognese or tomato sauce 80p extra) £7.45

Pollo Tomato, cheese, chicken and garlic £7.00

Half Pizza with chips £7.00

Half Pizza with salad £7.00

Extra toppings (per topping) £1

All pizzas are topped with 100% mozzarella



Pollo Arrosto Half of roast chicken £9.95

Pollo Cacciatora Onions, mushrooms, olives and red wine sauce £9.95

Pollo Souvlaki Flat bread, chips, salad and tzatziki sauce £12.95

Pollo Kiev Breaded chicken breast, stuffed with garlic and butter £9.95

Pollo Diana Chicken breast with mushrooms and onions in a demi glace and mustard sauce £9.95

Pollo Crema Chicken breast in a cream and mushroom sauce £10.95

Pollo Milanese Pan-fried breaded chicken breast £10.95

Pollo Mare Chicken breast topped with king prawns in garlic butter and wine £13.95

Flying Scotsman Chicken breast with haggis and whisky cream £12.95

Pollo Infesno Chicken breast with tomatoes, onions and chilli sauce £9.95

The above dishes are served with vegetables, chips or salad



(S – Sirloin, F – Fillet)

Griglia Chiaro Char Grilled steak served with onion rings, tomato and mushrooms S£14.45 F£16.95

Diana Brandy, French mustard, mushrooms, onions and cream S£14.45 F£16.95

Mafiosa Peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic and tomato S£14.45 F£16.95

Pepe Verde Peppercorn sauce S£14.45 F£16.95

Pizzaiola Tomato, garlic, capers, anchovies and olives S£14.45 F£16.95

Surf & Turf Topped with garlic butter and king prawns S£17.45 F£18.95

Café Paris Blue cheese, butter and parsley S£15.95 F£17.95

Filetto Stroganoff Strips of fillet steak cooked with onions, mushrooms, paprika and cream, and served on a bed of rice F£13.95 

The above dishes are served with vegetables, chips or salad

Please note that well-done steak will take around 25 minutes to cook

Freash tradidtional Greek pork pita gyros £5.00



Gamberoni al Aglio King prawns in garlic butter £13.95

Gamberoni Provencale King prawns in tomato, chilli and garlic £13.95

Gamberoni Piccante Spicy king prawns severed with minty yogurt sauce (Breadcrumed) £13.95

Branzino Mediteraneo Seabase fillet with onion, tomato, olives, parsley and wine £12.95

Branzino con Proscuito Seabass fillet wrapped in parma ham in white wine sauce £12.95

Salmone alla Griglia Char-grilled salmon fillet £12.95

Salmone Piccante Salmon fillet cooked with spring onions, chilli, butter and fresh orange juice £13.45

The above dishes are served with vegetables, chips or salad


Side Dishes £2.95 each

Zucchini Fritti  

Home Made chips

Mixed Olives

Tomato & Onion salad

Mixed Salad




Home-made Tiramisu Layers of sponge soaked in espresso coffee, liqueur covered in mascarpone cheese and cream, dusted with cocoa £3.95

Chocolate Fudge Cake Served with cream and chocolate source £3.95

Apple crumble Home-made apple crumble served with custard or ice-cream £3.95

Sticky Toffee Pudding Home-made sticky toffee pudding served with ice-cream £3.95

Profiteroles Soft pastries filled with a Chantilly cream and covered in chocolate cream £3.95

Home-made Cheesecake Served with cream and strawberry sauce £3.95

Creme Brulee a rich custard base topped with glazed sugar £3.95

Orange or Lemon Sorbet £3.95

Ice-Cream A choice of chocolate, strawberry or vanilla £3.95

Eton Mess A tower of fresh strawberries, meringue, cream and ice-cream £5.45

Sticky Toffee Mess A tower of sliced stick toffee pudding, with cream, ice-cream and toffee sauce £5.45

Banana split Vanilla Ice-cream with banana, topped with cream, strawberry and chocolate sauce £3.95



Traditional British Sunday Lunch

With a Homemade Yorkshire pudding and roast Potatoes        


Available All Day Sunday 12:30-8:00pm

Main course £7.95

Two course £8.95

Three Course £10.95


Starters               Main Course               Dessert

Potato Skins                  Roast Topside of Beef              Ice-Cream        

Soup of the Day            Leg of Lamb (£1 extra)            Regular Coffee

Minestrone                    Roast Chicken

                                      Pork Loin








Opening Times

Tuesday - Saturday

1-4 (Collection)


Tuesday - Saturday 4-9 (Delivery)


Sunday - ALL DAY DELIVERY 12:30-8:30


NEW on the menu!


traditional pork pita gyros only £5




Topside roast


Pork loin

Leg of lamb chicken


Minestrone soup

Or potatoes skins


Any Dessert from the main menu


1 courses 7.95

2 courses 8.05

    3 courses 10.95